Ethiopia is a living kaleidoscope of peoples drawn from many different ethnic backgrounds and speaking over 80 different languages, united in mutual respect for each other.

Ethiopia is a Federal Democratic Republic whose government is highly committed to transforming tourism into a major economic sector.

The booming Ethiopian economy is not only the fifth largest in Africa, but also ranked fifth in the world in terms of continued year-on-year growth over the past decade.


Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity, where we first walked on two legs. Ethiopia is also the source of the Blue Nile, the great river whose power and fertility nurtured the origin of civilization itself. And Ethiopia is the origin of one of life’s great pleasures – coffee, our gift to the world.

Ethiopia is one of the countries with unique heritage. It has the highest number of World Heritage Sites in Africa including;


1     Rock-hewn churches, Lalibela

2     Fasil Ghebbi, Gondar

3     Aksum

4     Lower valley of the Awash

5     Lower valley of the Omo 

6     Tiya

7     Harar Jugol, the fortified historic town

8     Konso cultural landscape


  1. Simien Mountains National Park


  1. Meskel Festival
  2. Fichee-Chambalaalla