Covering an area of 41,000 hectares, Ranomafana National Park has dense rainforest, fast flowing rivers with rapids and spectacular waterfalls. It is home to 12 species of lemur including the Golden Bamboo. Lemurs are not the only attraction, 118 species of birds have been recorded. There are also geckos, chameleons, brightly colored frogs and many varieties of orchids can be seen.

A number of trails and footpaths lead you through this dense jungle with its tree palms and ferns. The time spent here will provide lasting memories. If you like nature and animals, you won’t be disappointed: many birds, butterflies, bats and lemurs live in these forests. You will also find unique plant species that grow only in this park. Various medicinal plans but also a wide variety of orchids, and carnivorous plants that litter the soil and trees.

26 species of lemurs were recorded, including two species of great rarity (hapalemur with camus nose and golden hapalemur). You will also observe many birds, as well as rare species.

What to do in Ranomafana National Park

This magnificient park offers a multitude of activities. You must go to the great thermal baths of Ranomafana where you can enjoy a swim in its warm waters. You can also visit the Kelilalina Botanical Garden, 12 km from the park where you can observe endemic species.