The Naute Recreation Resort surrounds Namibia’s second largest dam, the Naute. The dam was constructed from 1970 to 1972 to capture the Löwen River and its tributaries, which later feed into the Fish River. The resort is situated about 42 km south-west of Keetmanshoop and supplies the town with water. A successful irrigation project was initiated below the dam wall in 1991 and date palms and grapes are currently cultivated here. A small game reserve surrounds the dam.

Covering an area of size 225 km², it was Proclaimed Naute Recreation Resort in 1988 and the Natural features dominating the area are grassy plains with small shrub species. Trees grow in river washes. The dam has several sandy shores, shallow bays and islands.

The Vegetation in the area include Nama Karoo Biome. Vegetation types: Dwarf Shrub Savannah, Karas Dwarf Shrubland. Camel-thorn (Acacia erioloba), sweet-thorn (Acacia karroo), water acacia (Acacia nebrownii), wild tamarisk (Tamarix usneoides), trumpet-thorn (Catophractes alexandri) and quiver tree (Aloe dichotoma).

While visiting the area, there is wildlife that you shouldn’t miss including Gemsbok, springbok, klipspringer, steenbok, duiker. The 164 bird species recorded include   African Spoonbill, South African Shelduck, African Fish-Eagle, African White Pelican.