The town of Pilgrim’s Rest can only be described as Living Museum. The entire town has been declared a National Monument and allows visitors to envision and experience life in the days of the old Transvaal Gold Rush. The town was officially declared as a gold field in 1873, following which a variety of related businesses, families and services developed around it and gave rise to the development of the small town. The town’s original architecture remains largely unchanged, leaving a tranquil settlement of beautiful homes and enchanting suburbs.

Activities & Attractions in Pilgrim’s Rest:

  • Diggings Museum & Gold Panning: – An informative display and tour, detailing the lifestyle of original pioneers and the methods they used in panning alluvial deposits.
  • Joubert’s Bridge: – now a national monument, it was built in 1896 and stands at the western entrance to the town.
  • Drezden Shop & House Museum: – A living museum depicting the lifestyle of the town’s original general dealers, including the family of the owner living in the back of the house, and original goods on display in the street-side shop.
  • Historic Cemetery: – Early graves of the town’s residents, showing the common causes of death in the town at the time. The 19th century grave of a tent robber caught in the act lies perpendicularly to the others.

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