“Shambala” is a Tibetan word, meaning “Paradise on Earth”. Shambala Private Game Reserve covers almost 10,000 hectares under the watchful guardianship of the picturesque, malaria-free Waterberg mountains, and the magnificent African bushveld is home to a wide variety of remarkable flora and fauna.

Whether you discover it in the bush, the mountains or the silence; whether you feel it in the air or see it in the magnificent, proud wildlife of this land, your own paradise is here, deep within the heart and soul of Shambala. A gentle drive through shallow waters forms a spectacular natural entrance to the paradise where peace, tranquillity and harmony are part of everyday life. There is an overwhelming awareness of being an intrinsic part of nature, surrounded by the sound of birdcalls and a vast expanse of bushveld that is home to many and varied wildlife species.

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