Mkomazi is located in the north east of Tanzania where it shares a boundary with Tsavo National Park. It was established as a National Park in 2006. It is 3,230 sq km in area. It is a place to enjoy wildlife in remote, wild, thorn bush country with open plains in places. The scenery is magnificent. Enormous baobabs dot the landscape and there are distant vistas with mountains near and far on its borders. Mount Kilimanjaro is easily visible from all parts of the Park. 


Being far from the more visited safari circuits you are likely to be watching wildlife there by yourself, unhurried and with time to soak up the ambience of wild Africa. Mkomazi used to be prime habitat for Black Rhino, and there is a re-introduction scheme there where you can and watch these exciting mammals in their natural surroundings. The rare Cape Hunting Dog is also being re-introduced and you can get permission to watch these fascinating animals as well, some of which have been re-introduced to the wild.

Besides the commoner big game species such as elephant, buffalo, giraffe and plains game, and of course the big cats, you will also find unusual antelope such as oryx, gerenuk and lesser kudu. Gerenuk, known as giraffe antelope in Swahili, are elegant medium sized gazelles with a long neck that enable them to reach high into thorn bush to browse. They even stand up on their hind legs to reach yet higher. During the short green season (November / December and March / April) the flickering light of fire flies dot the wooded valleys at night. 


  • Game viewing by vehicle is the main activity
  • Walking safaris
  • Night game viewing 

Getting there

Air.  Charter flights are available to Kisima airstrip in the center of the Park, near the rhino sanctuary.

Road. Moshi, the nearest large town is 120 km from Same on a good tarmac road. Same is on the tarmac highway connecting Arusha to Dar es Salaam. You will have access to the nearest entry gate at Zange which is 6 km on a graveled road. The Park is also easily accessible on special arrangement through Njiro, Kivingo and Umba gates. 

Safari ideas

Mkomazi is an ideal wildlife safari option for Kilimanjaro Mountain climbers on a tight schedule with only two or three days to see some wildlife. Mkomazi is also a rewarding place to visit for budget travelers doing the northern safari circuit and driving to or from Dar es Salaam.

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