Uganda is called The Pearl of Africa simply because of wild animals, large water bodies, and great climate, the Nile which is the longest in Africa, the green cover and many other things.

Uganda is also a landlocked country in East Africa which borders Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda and Congo. Uganda is called the pearl of Africa because there are snow capped mountains, emerald hills, misty forests and deep crystal clear lakes like Lake Victoria.

  • Independence: 09. Oct. 1962
  • Current constitution: 1995
  • Total Area: 241,038 km2
  • Official Language: English,  Kiswahili. Other languages spoken include Luganda, Runyankole, Runyoro, Rutooro, Lusoga
  • Population: 35,873,253 (2012 Est.)
  • Total GDP: $50.439 billion (2012 Est.)
  • Currency: Uganda Shillings (UGX)
  • Ethinicity: 17.3% Baganda, 9.8% Banyankole, 8.6% Basoga, 7.0% Bakiga, 6.6% Iteso, 6.2% Langi, 4.8% Acholi, 4.7% Bagisu, 4.3% Lugbara,30.7% others


In Uganda there a variety of kingdoms and each kingdom has got its own cultural norms that govern it

The Buganda Kingdom that is over 800 years old is the largest kingdom. The Baganda are the inhabitants of the central part of Uganda where Kampala is. Ugandans from this kingdom and some others do not eat while talking, or rather talk while eating. If you find such a Ugandan do not speak until he has swallowed his last. If you say ‘hello’, he answers after whatever time he has used to eat his food, which truthfully speaking, is too much compared to what Kenyans eat. Likewise, if one  has a Ugandan friend from these other kingdoms, and he happens to visit you while you are eating, you might wonder what is wrong with him because he will sit and not talk waiting to greet you at the end of your meal. They also prepare special meals in those different cultures such as the Luwombo by the Baganda, and many others and they also have different languages used by the different cultures.

Even while the effects of modernization are still felt in Uganda, cultures are strongly guarded up to date. The other kingdoms include the Ankole kingdom, Busoga kingdom, Tooro kingdom, Bunyoro kingdom and many others. These facts about Uganda justify why Uganda is the pearl of Africa, and also that there are such significant differences between the various cultures in Africa.