Mpanga Central Forest Reserve is Located in Mpigi District 37km from the City Center of Kampala, the Forest Reserve is easily accessible through the main Kampala – Masaka Highway. It is a Natural Forest with unique Tree Species and other Flora. The Forest also boasts of a number of Primates especially the Red – Tailed Monkeys, an array of birdlife, Grey Parrot, Owls, Hornbills and Cuckoos, Butterflies and Moths.

Activities: They include Forest Walks and Forest Exploration, Bird Watching and Identification, Primate Watching and Butterfly Identification, and Forest Trails are well developed into four main routings namely: The Baseline Trail, the Hornbill Trail, the Butterfly Trail.

There is one tourist banda at the Visitor Reception Centre at Mpanga under the management of the National Forestry Authority, a Self – Contained Duplex, and a Double Room on the main Office Block can accommodate 12 visitors at once with very basic facilities. These are self – catering facilities although light meals can be ordered from the House Caretaker.

Mpanga Ecotourism Site:

The Eco – Tourism Site is approximately 1 km from the road head using a well – surfaced dirt road. The access therefore is on a Tarmac road and a good dirt road passable throughout the year.

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