One of the western highland’s most underrated gems, hilly Chebera-Churchura extends across 1,215km2 of well-watered jungle and savanna.

This is the most reliable place in Ethiopia to see elephants, which can be tracked on foot through the swampy Maka Forest with the help of experienced scouts.

Bushpig and giant forest hog are also regularly observed in the forest, while other more secretive wildlife includes buffalo, lion, leopard and various antelope.

Walking trails lead to four lily-covered crater lakes with abundant hippos, while a lovely campsite on the forested Shoshuma River supports white-cheeked turaco, silvery-cheeked hornbill, half-collared kingfisher, double-toothed barbet and plenty of monkeys. Other attractions include a number of hot springs, and the twin waterfalls on the Bardo River.