The town of Sabie gets its name originally from the Shangaan term UluSaba, which means “The Fearful River” and this was due to the proliferation of crocodiles that were found in the river at the time. The Sabie River passes directly through the town of Sabie with the Sabie Waterfall heading under the main road as one enters the town. The town of Sabie was originally established, when a well-known hunter – HT Glynn came across what he thought to be a gold bearing rock and together with a friend of his, established the Glynn’s Lydenburg Gold Mining Company which later led to the development of the small town in the midst of dramatic waterfalls, misty escarpment faces and indomitable forests.

 Activities and Attractions in Sabie:

  • Forestry Museum: – The only one of its kind in the country detailing the uses of different wood types, and a history of the South African timber industry.
  • Mondi Timber Mill: – the largest in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Anglican Church: – designed by internally renowned architect, Sir Herbert Baker, the church sits in the middle of the town and is a flamboyant sandstone church.
  • Waterfalls: – The sabie region abounds with numerous waterfalls, such as the Bridal Veil, The Forest Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Lone Creek Falls, Marie Shires Falls, the Sabie Falls and the most impressive being the Mac Mac Falls – a 56m twin waterfall made this way be a digger’s blast in 1873 and received its name from the numerous Scots panning along the nearby river.

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