A balloon safari offers an opportunity to see Tarangire from a unique perspective. Drink in the wilderness below as you silently float over (in whichever direction the wind takes you). Follow a large herd of wildebeest, see a lion stalk its prey or just marvel at the magnificent scenery before touching down for a bush breakfast like no other. If you only take one balloon flight in your life, this is the place to do it.

There are A415 balloons  from  Cameron Balloons, with baskets that carry 12 or 16 guests in a balloon.   The early morning starts with a pick up at 0500am with the balloons lifting at 0630 in time for the sunrise and allow one to experience an eagle’s view of the park and all its beauty.   To complete the celebration a champagne breakfast is served after the flight, complete with butler service and an open bar.

NOTE: – Minimum age is 5 yrs. and no height restrictions