Dress code

Zanzibar is a Muslim country; we, therefore, suggest you follow these simple guidelines when visiting villages and Stone Town:

  • For both men and women clothes should cover the shoulders and shorts should be to the knee;
  • No transparent clothes;
  • Do not wear bathing suits or other beachwear in the village and Stone Town;
  • Always ask for permission before taking pictures of people;
  • Do not carry any valuables with you, especially when walking on the beach or after dark.

Things to do in Nungwi Village

Zanzibar Cycle Adventure

The cycling tour takes you through  Nungwi Village, to visit the Tazari caves and on to the Fukuchani natural cave pools where you can swim in cool water. On your way, you will pass by the local blacksmith.


Yoga is held at ‘Flame  Tree  Cottages’  every day except on  Saturday.  Two daily sessions of  1,5 hours each are held from 8:00 – 9:30 am and from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.


Zanzibar Parasailing

If you are looking for adventure, Zanzibar Parasailing is the place to go! Offering a range of activities from wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, and parasailing on the beach of Nungwi or Kendwa.



Our local diving operator is Spanish Dancer based in Nungwi Village. They operate a variety of packages for both novice and experienced divers.

Music  & nightlife

  • Thursday night:  ‘Cholos’ Beach party. Local bar with a great local vibe playing African tunes until morning.
  • Saturday night: ‘Kendwa Rocks’! The most famous party venue in Zanzibar is about 20 minutes from Warere Beach. Check for their epic full moon parties on a Saturday closest to the full moon!
  • Sunday night: ‘Coccobello’, this is the place where the locals hang out!

Mnemba Island Snorkeling Trip

Mnemba Island lies off the beach of Matemwe, on the North East Coast of Zanzibar,  and is famous for the diversity of fish and corals.  You will leave on a  local boat from  Nungwi village for a 1-hour sail to Mnemba. Snorkeling equipment is provided and you will be able to spot tigerfish, parrotfish, the occasional turtle, and for the lucky few, dolphins! After spending a few hours in the water you will head to the beach for a local lunch and relaxation. The boat will sail back to Nungwi village around 3 pm.

Private Nungwi &  Kendwa Sunset Dhow Cruise

Enjoy the magical colors of an African sunset from a local dhow, the ancient sailing vessel of the Indian Ocean. As the smells and sounds of the village begin to fade into the wind you will be served drinks while you savor the feeling of wind through your hair and enjoy the setting of the sun over Zanzibar.

Blue Safari

Discover the beauty of the Menai Bay Conservation Area and enjoy the myriad colors of tropical reefs. The stunning  Menai Bay Conservation Area has been protected since 1998 and it is the ideal setting to discover our tropical reefs. Your trip begins at Fumba, a 20-minute drive from Stone Town, where you will embark on your Blue Safari. Our first stop is one of the many sandbanks in the conservation area, where you can use our snorkeling equipment to discover the tropical reef. We then proceed to the secluded Kwale Island for a desert island picnic of fresh seafood grilled on the spot and fruits. Kwale island is surrounded by mangrove forests, where, tide permitting, you can go for a nature walk or swim in the lagoon.

Spice Tour

This famous tour will allow you to visit the rural areas of Zanzibar while connecting with the local people and the centuries-old history of Zanzibar as the epicenter of the Spice Trade.

The history of Zanzibar is inextricably linked to the growing and trade of spices. In the 16th century, spices were brought from Asia and Latin America, and they now flourish in the lush tropical climate of Zanzibar. Our guided tour meanders through villages and plantations where farmers will allow you to discover, taste and smell cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg,  lemon grass, cloves, and many more. You will also be able to taste freshly picked tropical fruits including mangoes, passion fruits, avocado, papaya, and more. The culinary and medicinal uses of spices and herbs will be explained by your guide. Over lunch, you will savor traditional Zanzibari cuisine spiced with local herbs and cooked in a local kitchen.

Stone Town

Meander through the winding streets of Stone Town and visit the most important historical locations. Throughout the centuries Stone Town has been a crossroad for traders and slaves, sultans, and explorers. Wander through this ancient town of bazaars and ancient mosques, of old Arab houses and cathedrals. This tour will take you to the former Slave Market, House of Wonders, and the Sultan’s Palace, then to the Old Arab Fort and Dispensary. Along the way, you will pass the fish and spice markets and spot many ancient Zanzibari doors, and gateways to ancient mansions, intricately carved with studded brass posts.

Dhow Countries Music Academy

The Dhow Countries Music Academy runs concerts every Monday and Thursday from 8 pm in Stone Town. This may be a Taarab concert or you might be lucky to catch a visiting artist!

Nakupenda Island

Join this famous island cruise for a full day or just a sunset cruise from Stone Town. The full-day tour takes in Prison Island before heading to the sandbank for lunch and snorkeling. The sunset cruise sails around the Bay of Stone Town for three hours in the evening.

Prison Island (Changu Island) Boat Trip

Prison Island lies a quick 20-30-minute max boat ride from Stone  Town. The island used to be a prison and quarantine station in the past, while now it is inhabited only by giant land tortoises imported from Seychelles in the 19th Century. After your quick boat trip is over you will stroll through the forested island, spotting birds and other small wildlife (you may even spot duikers if you’re lucky!). You can feed the Giant Aldabran Tortoises, some of whom are over 100 years old! If you wish you may also rent snorkeling equipment and go for a quick swim off the lovely white beach.

Cooking Tour

A  unique experience, through the markets of  Zanzibar, to purchase locally grown spices and food and learn how to cook our traditional Zanzibari specialties and main dishes. Head out to the market early in the morning to purchase local ingredients to learn how to cook up a Zanzibari feast! Our cook will explain the uses of our exotic fruits and vegetables before selecting the very best produce to return to her home for your cooking class. The class is a half-day experience, including a delicious meal.

Jozani Forest Tour

A walk through the Jozani Forest is one of the highlights of any trip to Zanzibar, which will delight naturalists and nature lovers alike.

The Jozani – Chwaka Bay area (1.30-hour drive south) is a hotspot of biodiversity, one of the last remaining sanctuaries for red colobus monkeys in the world. Your guide will take you on an informative walk through the forest while explaining the medicinal uses of local plants and identifying species of birds and reptiles. Troops of red colobus monkeys can be seen quite closely as they scramble through the branches.  If you are lucky you may spot the elusive elephant shrew or a well-camouflaged chameleon!

The mangrove boardwalk allows you to spot crabs and tropical fish, while your guide will explain the importance of mangroves to environmental conservation and village life. This tour is best taken early in the morning to have the best chance of spotting wildlife.

The Zanzibar Butterfly farm is one of the largest in Africa. You will learn about butterfly eggs, and caterpillars and watch butterflies emerge from their cocoons! In this netted tropical garden you will enjoy the shimmering colors of hundreds of butterflies, all of them native to the Spice Islands.

Seaweed Centre

The Seaweed Centre in Paje is a fascinating place to visit. You learn how the local women plant and grow the seaweed, which is then processed into soaps and cosmetics. It is best to visit the Centre during the low tide, to be able to visit the seaweed plantations. The visit price includes fresh seaweed juice and seaweed soap!

Kizimkazi Dolphin Trip

See these unique mammals in their natural environment. Head to  Kizimkazi,  in the far south of Zanzibar  (approx. 2 hours drive from here), where you will board your boat for a dolphin safari. Dolphins hunt in the shallow coastal waters in the early morning, when you have the best chance of spotting these incredible mammals.  As with any wildlife experience sightings cannot be guaranteed.

We advise that you bring sunscreen, a hat, rubber sandals, and spare clothes. During this trip, you can also wander through Kizimkazi Town, where the oldest in East Africa, dating back to the 12th century, can be seen.

Chumbe Island Trip

Chumbe  Island is a  unique,  private,  marine protected area.  The island,  which covers  16  hectares of unique coral rag forest,  is a 45-minute  boat ride from  Stone  Town.  Here you will find over 200 species of corals as well as 400 species of fish. Turtles and dolphins are regular visitors to the shallow coral reef. Lunch is a mouthwatering journey through Swahili contemporary cooking and after this, you will be able to relax before your return boat trip.

As the marine protected area is funded by overnight visitor fees, access to the island is carefully managed. Day trips can only be organized 48 hours in advance, once the total number of expected guests on the island is known. Day trip rates include all transfers,  lunch, non-alcoholic drinks, snorkeling guide, and equipment as well as guided walks through the forest and intertidal area.

Tumbatu Island Snorkeling Trip

Hope Dhow’ takes you to Tumbatu Island, just off the coast of Kendwa. This island is one of the last unspoiled/uncontaminated paradises of Zanzibar, where tourism has not yet reached. You will spend the day snorkeling and relaxing on the dhow, then head to the beach for a lovely local lunch of grilled fish and local produce. You can choose a full-day tour, returning at sunset to Nungwi village, or a half-day tour returning just after lunch.

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