Top 13 Activities and Excursions in Machangulo, Maputo

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While visiting Machangulo peninsular, there are a number of activities that you can participate in. Get active on your  Snorkeling and diving or take a nature walk or just relaxing on the beaches.


The Dune Walking Trail is easily accessible from the lodge that will give you magnificent views of the beach and the lodge. The trail starts just past the office. As you arrive on the dune you will immediately notice the shade cloth barriers. Machangulo Beach Lodge is working very hard to rehabilitate the storm damaged dune to the south, these barriers are designed to protect plants from the wind and we hope to establish the lush forests on the dunes.

There are many other beaches, dunes and forests to explore in the area.

Santa Maria Village TourThis is a great opportunity to experience local living by visiting the small village of Santa Maria.  Enjoy a scrumptious lunch at the local restaurant Teka Teka.  Machangulo Beach Lodge is committed to the improvement of the quality of life of our local community and the stimulation of local business.  As a part of our community improvement project we provide free Santa Maria tours to all of our guests and we hope that you will help us and the community by supporting the local businesses.  Lunch and purchases at Santa Maria Village are best done is Meticais cash.

Inhaca & Portuguese Island excursions 

Inhaca Island provides a wide array of activities to choose from. This delightful island is home to only one village, aptly named – Inhaca Village where many shops and even a restaurant can be found. The island has more of a tourist feel to it and has many more people than the Machangulo Area.

Inhaca Village Tour  Take the boat from Machangulo Beach Lodge to Inhaca Village and stop at the jetty or the beach at the Hotel on Inhaca Island. The boat journey takes about 25 minutes and is well sheltered from the waves. Take a stroll on the beach to the village with your guide and explore the areas. The village is home to many little shops, a little market and Lucas’s Restaurant, a great place to enjoy local food and drink. (Please remember to take cash in Meticais for this). Minimum of 2 persons, 2 hours.

Add ons: Portuguese Island Picnic  This tiny deserted island is located to the north of Inhaca Island. These deserted beaches are beautiful and quiet and the perfect place to relax and have a Picnic. USD 15 pp as add on to tour, Minimum of 2 persons, 2 hours.

Lighthouse:  At the North East end of Inhaca Island the old Portuguese lighthouse that is still in operation today is a beautiful site to visit, especially on a clear day. The endless view is amazing and the 4×4 trip there is very interesting, passing many local communities and their coconut trees. Minimum of 2 persons, 2 hours.

4 x 4 Explore:  Inhaca Island has great landscape and communities. From the forests of the south to the Coconuts and Mangroves of the North, we recommend that you explore the island from the Village to the Marine Reserve with a 4×4. Either take the boat from Machangulo Beach Lodge to the Inhaca Village and return to Machangulo Beach Lodge via 4×4 that crosses the entire island or vice versa. Minimum of 2 persons, 2 hours.

Biology station:  The University of Eduardo Mondlane maintains a biology station on the island and a visit to this station can be combined with other trips on the island. Minimum of 2 persons, 1 hours.

Island trips can include any or all of the above excursions but must include the Inhaca Village Tour.

Maputo Tour 

Tour of the main historical and cultural sites of Maputo: Railway Station; Central Market; Municipal Town Building; Samora Machel Memorials; Iron House; Natural History Museum; Fort; Polana Hotel; The Saturday Bazaar or Arts & Crafts Fair (Saturdays only).

Elephant Reserve Excursion – 4 x 4 

The Reserve is 77,400 hectares (191,000 acres) in extent and was originally proclaimed in 1932. The reserve will eventually form part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area, which includes national parks from South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. At the moment it forms part of the Usuthu-Tembe-Futi Transfrontier Conservation Area. Includes The part is home to 350 African elephants, Birds (Kingfisher, Fish Eagle and many more), zebra(if you are lucky), antelope, crocodiles, hippos, small bucks (red duiker, suni, reedbuck and steenbok). You will be transported to the 4×4 at the Ponta Torres Parking area where your guide Bemugi will take you to the Maputo Special Elephant Reserve. A packed lunch and drinks are provided, please be sure the activities staff knows what your preferences are.

Minimum of 2 guests and a maximum of 4 guests. (full day excursion – duration 7 – 8 hours)

Santa Maria Bay and Estuaries Exploration

The estuaries and bay between Inhaca Island and Santa Maria Village provide endless hours of fun and exploration. Take the boat to discover the mangrove forests or go searching amazing photographic opportunities. The choice is yours. From flocks of flamingos, sea turtles and dugongs to flying fish and local sailing boats the bay is an amazing eco system, teeming with life. Minimum  2 persons for 2 hours.

This trip can also be taken as a Sunset Cruise!(Drinks excluded) Santa Maria Bay and Estuaries Dhow Cruise

The estuaries and bay between Inhaca Island and Santa Maria Village can also be explored by Dhow. A romantic sail around the bay with a traditional hand built wooden Dhow.

Minimum 2 persons for 2 hours.(Activity subject to Dhow availability)

This trip can also be taken as a Sunset Cruise!(Drinks excluded)


Machangulo Beach Lodge is situated in the midst of many world class fishing locations. The area provides opportunities to target a large amount of species in all weather conditions. Using your favourite techniques or learning to perfect new styles from world class guide Bamugi Sochaka, you’re bound to have the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Here are some of the styles and techniques often used:

  • Intertidal light tackle estuary fishing and fly fishing
  • Light tackle lure fishing off beach and fly fishing
  • Deep sea jigging, drop shot, fly, conventional
  • Surf zone, drop shot light and heavy
  • Plug light and heavy
  • Live bait/dead bait surf zone
  • Night fishing – Boat and beach, weather and conditions dependant
  • Channel fishing

Some of the commonly caught species:

Giant Kingfish, Golden Kingfish, Blue Fin Kingfish, Big Eye Kingfish, Black Tip/or Yellow fin Kingfish, Green Spot Kingfish, Amberjack, Lesser Amberjack, Tropical Yellow Tail, Green Job fish, Prodigal Sun, Striped Bonito, Oceanic Bonito, Yellow fin Tuna, Telang Queen Fish, Needle scale Queen Fish, Cave Bass, Swallowtail Rock Cod, Pompano/Three Spot, Speckled Snapper, Blue Emperor, Queen Mackerel, Mozambique Emperor, King Mackerel, Sail Fish, Dorado, Greater Barracuda, Pick handle Barracuda, Blood Snapper, Mozambique Brown Ray, Honeycomb Ray, Grey Grunter, Thread fin, Bonefish   —  Sharks – Black Tip, Short nosed black tail/reef shark, Zambezi, Hammer Head, Sickle fin Lemon Shark, Mysterious Monsters that are “unlandable”. . .maximum 6 guests


SCUBA Diving at Machangulo Beach Lodge

The Marine reserves surrounding the Machangulo Peninsula provides some excellent diving. Off the beaten track diving at its best. With ample options for advanced divers it is the ideal location for those looking for a unique and unexplored diving experience. For the complete novice we offer a full selection of diving courses.

Here are some highlights of what is offered. . .

  • Full diving centre with compressor, cylinders and all other necessary equipment(no nitrox however)
  • 250HP 30 ft Diving boat with low gunnels, stairs and ample space.
  • PADI Dive instructor and all around nicest guy in the world, Isac! (one of the first Mozambican nationals to ever attain Instructor level with PADI!)
  • Year round diving with water temperatures between 20°C(lowest, but seldom) to 30°C(in summer)
  • Wide range of experiences, from shore dives to boat dives and even reefs that no-one has ever dived before. .


Inhaca Island Snorkelling Picnic – Minimum of 2 persons, 3 hours.

The Inhaca Island Marine reserve has 2 km of pristine snorkelling and the Picnic Snorkel on the island is HIGHLY recommended, one of our favourite activities.

During neap tide days there is also great snorkelling right in front of the lodge. The use of the snorkelling gear for this is free.

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