Lake George locally known as Lake Dweru is located 0°00′N , 30°12′E with Kazinga channel that connects it to Lake Edward in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. It is estimated to be about 250 km2 and was designated as a Ramsar Site on 4th march 1988.

The lake derives its name from the member of the member of the British royal family, Prince George, later to become King George V of the United Kingdom. Like Lake Edward in the vicinity, Explorer Henry M. Stanley was the first European to see the lake in 1875, while on his expedition to the west following the course of the Katonga River from Lake Victoria. When he arrived at the lake, he named it Beatrice Gulf thinking that it was part of Lake Albert but later on his second visit in 1888 he realized that there were two independent lakes, and gave it its current name.

The lake is a home to a number of bird species as well as wildlife in the national park. Boat cruises are done on Kazinga channel that connect the two lakes for wildlife viewing.

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