Kaniyo – Pabidi is a natural habitat of about 120 Chimpanzees, species of Black and White Colobus Monkey, the Red – Tailed Monkey, Blue Monkey, Vervet Monkey and Baboons, savannah grassland Species, wild animals, Birdlife, variety of tree species Butterflies, Moths and Tropical Flowers.

Activities: Activities that you can participate in include Chimp Tracking, Bird Watching, Forest Walks, Conservation Education, Chimp Habituation and Camping.

Accommodation at Kaniyo – Pabidi consists of mainly Camping Facilities. However, there is variety of accommodation options available in Masindi and Murchison Falls National Park. Boomu Conservation and Crafts Women’s Association operates simple Accommodation Bandas near the Park Entry Gate.

Kaniyo – Pabidi Ecotourism Site is located approximately 220 km. from Kampala via Masindi which is 29 km. away. The Site is along the secondary road that connects Masindi with Paraa. It is roughly 5 km. from the Murchison Park Boundary and Entry Gate.