Nyamuriro Swamp is an Important Bird Area (IBA) that lies within the Ruhuhuma swamp in Kageyo valley, in which a river from Lake Bunyonyi flows. It is an extensive natural swamp dominated by papyrus Cyperus papyrusand, in parts, herbaceous plants. The drainage from this swamp connects to Lakes Mutanda and Murehe in Kisoro District. The swamp is a remnant of the extensive papyrus swamp system that once covered the whole of the Ruhuhuma valley, but which was extensively drained in the 1970s for vegetable growing and dairy farming. The local Kagunga Cooperative Society has been growing crops in this swamp for over 40 years. The hill to the south of the swamp belongs to a mining company, Boodle Mining Co. Ltd., that practiced open-cast mining of wolfram until the late 1970s when large-scale mining was halted. Small-scale and localized mining continues by a few members of the local community. The mining company constructed a road across the swamp, but it was swept away by heavy rains and now people cross the swamp with small canoes.

Nyamuriro Swamp is probably the best site in Uganda for a number of papyrus specialists, and may be one of the best in Africa for the conservation of Chloropeta gracilirostris (which is found only in undisturbed papyrus swamps). Other papyrus-dwellers include Acrocephalus rufescensCisticola carruthersiBradypterus carpalisand Serinus koliensis.

Mammals of global conservation concern include Tragelaphus spekii and Aonyx congica.

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