Graskop was originally set up as a gold mining camp in the late 1800’s, however, it now serves as a strong epicenter to the timber industry. The name “Graskop” is Afrikaans and comes from the term “grassy knoll or peak” and is the ideally situated for a short stop in between your exploration of the panorama route. The town offers a range of quant restaurants of which the speciality is the long standing “Harry’s Pancakes” – renown for its wide range of savoury and sweet pancakes on offer. There are also a variety of curio, craft and traditional décor apparel available in the town.

Activities & Attractions in Graskop

Blyde River Canyon: – one of the most scenic locations in South Africa
Blyderivierspoort Nature Reserve: – A large reserve featuring many camping and picnicking spots under the watchful eye of a number of natures more exotic mountainous animal and bird species.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes: – Where the Blyde and the Treur River’s meet, the most fascinating geolocial formations have resulted. Large potholes, resembling hollowed out columns are the result of millions of years of water erosion, created by the joining waters from the two rivers.
Hiking Trails: the region around Graskop is the perfect natural setting for some of the best hiking trails this part of the country can offer and if one has enough time to set aside a full day for such an activity it is well worth doing.

Waterfalls: – the two most well known waterfalls in the Graskop region are the Berlin and the Lisbon Falls. Both falls occur on the Blyde River and where they the Lisbon falls are a sheer semi-circular drop, the Berlin falls find themselves forcing their way through a narrow gully before falling almost 50m into an ominous plunge pool.