New Experiential Travel at Emburara Farm Lodge in Uganda

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Emburara Fram Lodge is one of the newest Farm Lodges that opened its doors in November 2018. The concept of the lodge is to offer the clients the feel of the farm while you stay as opposed to the tourist lodges around the country.

While staying at the lodge, the activities that you participate in are all centered on the farm and specifically the rearing of the Ankole Long-horned Cattle that are common in the areas of western Uganda. Some of the activities that are developed include herdsman for a day, gastronomic tours and community walks.

Herdsman for a day (Full Day)

This activity takes up the whole day while you spend the whole with the herdsman (Omuriisa) and the activities that are involved in include;

Milking (Okukama): This is first activity on the farm that starts at around 0630hrs. You will depart and go to the kraal with your helper starting with removing the emihingo that you will have used to close the previous night and onto the calf pen to get the calf for the lactating cow. Mainly done in the evening but which can also be done in the morning is Okuhembera which is lighting the fire to keep away flies while milking.


There are other activities that are done while animals are still here like Okwagaaga and Okuragaza, making yourself get used to animals and caress to see that they don’t have any injuries as well as cleaning them. When all is done, the cows are now ready to go out for feeding.

Okuseetura/Okurisa: When the kraal work is done, you let the animals go on the farm for feeding (Okusetura) and you can spend the day with them as they are feeding (Okurisa) for the whole day.

Watering the animals (Okweshera): This might not be “watering the animals” as it’s called. In the middle of the day as the cows graze under the scotching African sun, you will bring down those animals to the well for drinking water.  Here the animal trough is smeared with soil from the anthill to add some ‘aroma’ and taste to the water for the animals. Make sure Okukumirira (regulating animals) is done to make sure all the animals have had enough water to drink as there are stubborn animals that might stop the weak ones from taking water. The animals are left to graze again until later in the evening.

When the animals return, the fire is lit for them (Okuhembera) in the kraal, remember to separate the calves and their mothers to make sure you have milk in the morning or else they will finished it overnight. Close the kraal and end your day.

Gastronomic adventures

Still under development, this will involve a number of activities that all regards to food with the main one rotating around milk and its products.

This is the work that is done by women who will participate in making ghee as the Bahima illustrate everything and telling all the stories and customs, taboos involved in the preparation.

The lodge also has a banana plantation where you will participate in the cultivation, weeding, pruning and everything that surround activity. You will also have a tour and participate in the preparation of the vegetable garden. At the end of the day, come with the food that you will prepare yourself for lunch and dinner.

Community Walks 3-4hrs:

Community trails are being developed that take you through the communities. You will learn how the people around the lodge (Banyankore) lived and how they live today, ways of lives etc. as your guide tells you stories that the surround the Bahima (Cattle herdsmen) and Bairu (Cultivators)

Bicycle rides

The lodge has a number of mountain bikes that you can rides through the farms or the straight tarmac road. Depending on your experience, your guide will help on the route that you can take.


About the Lodge:

Emburara Farm Lodge is a 27 suite boutique property set on a cattle farm in Mbarara, Ankole, in Western Uganda. It overlooks undulating landscapes and lush greenery. With a striking high ceilinged lobby leading out to expansive terraces, Emburara Farm Lodge is lavishly spacious. Suites are bright and airy with interiors inspired by classic nomadic lifestyle, including netted four poster beds and leather steamer trunks. Opened in 2018, the property is located between Lake Mburo, Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks and is approximately a four hour drive from the Impenetrable forest of Bwindi and Mgahinga both home to the eastern highland Mountain Gorillas.

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